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Astra Jigsaw Americas is a jigsaw game with landscapes from America
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Astra Jigsaw Americas is a jigsaw game with landscapes from Central and South America.
This game allows you to use some of the available images as puzzles that you must solve. You can set the difficulty of the game by choosing a bigger number of tiles, or tiles with a different shape, with or without rotation, with or without a frame. You can tell the program to distribute the pieces randomly, or just spread them out. The image can fit the screen, or exceed it. Once you selected all the parameters, the program will make a puzzle with your chosen image, and you will have to join pieces to form it again. You can drag the tiles to its place, and then drop them. When a tile matches with another one, you will hear a click when dropping them. That can be an aid to solve the puzzle, like the frame, that you can use to place the tiles that are in the outer site of the images. To ease the problem, you can use several "pockets" to store tiles temporarily, grouping them by color, or whatever criteria you want to use.

The unregistered version offers five jigsaw puzzles. If you register Astra Jigsaw Americas you will be entitled to download another 100 more jigsaws from the author´s site.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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